COVID-19 Update from Kitsu Models

Hello there, modellers! I hope everyone reading this is safe and well. As most (actually all) of us know, the hottest topic recently is the pandemic known as COVID-19. I thought it would be fair to do a writeup on how’s the situation like on the hobby front and particularly for us at Kitsu Models.

1. COVID-19 and its impact on business

During the outbreak, we’ve seen many businesses feeling the pain from our much needed (and I need to emphasise this) social distancing practices and policies. One of the biggest advantage that we have is that our shop is online from day 1 therefore the services and products we have in stock are not impacted; at least for our customers. We can still do quick meeting and drop offs and if you’d like the items to be sent directly to your house, we do have a small postage and packaging charge at checkout.

2. BIBD bank transfer payment method set up

Another good news we have is that now you’re able make payment by bank transfer to us through BIBD internet banking!

As of writing (13 Apr 2020), interbank transactions are free during the COVID-19 situation as one of MOFE and AMBD’s interim measures:

In an effort to encourage social distancing and minimize visits to banks, online local interbank transfer fees and charges will also be waived for 6 months for all customers. The general public is encouraged to utilize existing digital payment platforms offered by the banks and other payment system providers.

Press Statement – Banking Sector Introduces Interim Measures (Source: AMBD)

It’s uncertain that this would continue after the pandemic but I believe in order to serve our customers better, we should make things easier and linking up with BIBD is one such way.

3. Stock & shipping disruptions

We are working closely with our suppliers to restock as well as stock up new products we were planning on bringing in by April (which will be delayed too). While transactions on our site has no problems, getting products in has been quite a challenge since many manufacturing and supplying countries are hit with COVID-19 and its subsequent policy shifts such as work-from-home initiatives and lockdowns. Nonetheless, we will keep you all updated when the stocks are in so sit tight.

4. Plans delayed

Some of you might have heard; we are looking towards setting up a physical venue where modellers can gather, chill, paint, game and for us to hold events. With COVID-19 in the air, sadly (but very fortunately for us because rent is pretty much killing most businesses right now) we have to delay this plan. This has no timeline on when we will be back on track other than when COVID-19 starts to be more controlled.

5. What’s next?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell right now if the situation will get better by mid year. But for us at Kitsu Models, we will still be committed to building this community (which you could say is a good time since many people are home) and continue serving our customers. I’m just hopeful for everything to be back on track as soon as possible.

6. PSA and Pro Tips

Finally I wish to propagate and ask our community, friends and family to comply with the policies and advisories set out by the Ministry of Health. Not only are they meant to protect us, but also those around us too. Also want to take some time to share the infographic our MoH shared about prevention tips:

Also don’t forget to practice Social Distancing and maintain 1 to 2m away from other people if you absolutely have to go somewhere public.

Conclusion and TL;DR

In a nutshell, we’re still open for business so if you’re looking to get some paints or start your next diorama, you can always browse our shop and send us a message if you got any questions. We’re still awaiting a clear way to bring more products in and launch our plans.

With that, I want to sign off by saying: Stay safe, wash your hands and don’t stop modelling! Let’s beat this pandemic together.