Hello World!

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Finally! We’ve launched this little operation here in the sleepy country of Brunei! As with any launches, this is a simple obligatory Hello World! (or at least to our modellers here in Brunei).

I’ll be honest with you. I was quite surprised that there is even a community in Brunei for modelling. But there isn’t just a community but many different ones! Such as the people who do:

  1. Gundam
  2. Military models
  3. Warhammer
  4. Dungeons and Dragons
  5. Dioramas
  6. Hot wheel modifications

And regardless of your interests, you’re always welcome in our circle. Do join us at the Brunei Modellers United Facebook group.

Here we will give a basic introduction of who we are and what we hope to achieve.

Hello world – Who we are

We are a small company registered and based in Brunei. This company aims to one day become your one-stop shop for modelling items be it static grass and rock moulds for dioramas, or paints for your tanks or Gundams, or simply pieces of foam board or plaster.

But as of launch, we have some nice terrain items and paint brushes available in our shop so please do have a look-around.

Our hopes and dreams

So what is the long game for us? It’s not like we’re just peddling our wares for the heck of it. Of course there has to be some sort of higher calling right?

Phase 1 – Equipping modellers

Well first phase would be to be able to cater to our modelling community in Brunei and potentially Borneo with quality items at a fair price. It’s definitely not easy importing and getting the suppliers to agree to send it to us so we’re really glad we can take off with some good brands.

As time goes on, we hope to bring in even more cool stuff so modellers here can enjoy having materials at the tip of their fingers.

Phase 2 – Uniting modellers

So now you have your fancy tools and materials, what next? Well, we want to do things like do small events or workshops to bring people with similar interests together. Not only that, we want to spark an interest in people who have never thought of doing this as a hobby before!

Not only is it great to know more people of the same interest, we hope to be able to bring, teach or share techniques used by pro modellers! Things like simulating rust, scratches, weathering, scratch building and much more are areas we want to explore!

Phase 3 – Empowering modellers

The big dream is to host our own version of a model hobby show right here in the Abode of Peace. We envision a big event where modellers and hobbyists from all over the world gather to participate, enjoy and learn from one another.

Apart from that, we also want to see top tier modellers that are home-grown here and are able to compete on the world stage!

There you have it!

Let’s pull ourselves back to here and now. We may have big aspirations but of course we have to start somewhere. I hope our community will lend us the support we need to be able to make the modelling hobby bigger and better! We believe one does not need to be a master to enjoy the experience of viewing a masterpiece.

Looking forward to serving you better!



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