Vallejo Stock has Arrived!

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Hey there Modellers! We are proud to announce that our flagship shipment of Vallejo paints and supplies have landed! This short post will share what we’ve got this time around. In a nutshells we got these lines:

  1. Basic Model Color
  2. Basic Game Color
  3. Pigments
  4. Surface Primer
  5. Tools

You can find all of them live now on our store page.

1. Model Color

Vallejo Model Color Hobby Range
Vallejo Model Color Hobby Range

The Model Color range focuses mostly on earthy colours. These are usually incorporated into military camouflage on uniforms and vehicles. The paints are also great for creating terrains such as rocks, dirt, forest themes because of this colour palette.

2. Game Color

Vallejo Game Color Range
Vallejo Game Color Range

Game Color is a paint formulation that’s not only vibrant but most importantly, it’s made to be handled frequently. This makes this range the perfect choice to use them for table top gaming figures and miniatures like Dungeons and Dragons, Kingdom Death or Warhammer!

3. Vallejo Pigments

Vallejo Pigments Range
Vallejo Pigments Range

Pigments are powders that allow modellers to recreate weathering effects of accumulated particles such as dusts and rust. It adds to the realism if you want to show a model has gone through a dusty terrain like deserts or dirt paths. You can also use a binder to wet the pigments to create and manipulate wet, muddy effects.

Pigments on tyres
Weathered tyres made to look like it drove through dusty terrain

4. Surface Primer

Vallejo Surface Primer Range
Vallejo Surface Primer Range

Surface primers or primers in general are usually the first step for modellers towards a nice painted model. Primers allow subsequent coats of paints to adhere better to the model. Not only that, usually priming can be used to see flaws on the model and let you fix it before committing too much paintwork to it. This range of Surface Primers not only comes in the usual white, black and grey, but also tan, brown and green as well; all the better to prime any military models!

5. Vallejo Hobby Tools

Some hobby tools we brought include pin vice to be used with micro drill bits for getting that little hole you need for pinning minis or adding details, and diamond files to smoothen sprue nubs more efficiently.


We are going one step forward to cater to Bruneian modellers with this product line expansion. But as many seasoned modellers know, this is just the tip of the iceberg; there are far more ranges and brands out there. Still, with this small step, we are inching towards our goal of having a massive world-class range of materials for modellers in Brunei!

Want some other products? Feel free to drop us a line through our contact form. We can put in orders for you and bring you closer to the items you want!

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