Warhammer in Brunei: Getting Started

Warhammer in Brunei

Hello Modellers! Today we will be talking about a brand that’s been around for a while now: Warhammer! If you’ve travelled outside of Brunei before, you would probably have encountered some hobby shops with glass display amongst glass displays of little figures of various colours. And there’s a pretty high chance that these are Warhammer figurines! Now, you can view and experience the same Warhammer in Brunei!

So what is Warhammer?

Warhammer is a miniature war game owned by Games Workshop in the UK (their current HQ is in Nottingham). The system is split into 2 main genres: Fantasy and Sci-fi, named Age of Sigmar (AOS) and Warhammer 40,000 (40K). The main draw of Warhammer is of course:

  1. Collecting, building and painting the miniatures
  2. Enacting tabletop wargames using these said miniatures!

Collecting Warhammer in Brunei

You would be surprised how many people are collecting Warhammer in Brunei. Not only there’s a community for each of the main systems, many enthusiasts (in classic Bruneian nature) are pretty low-key about it. That’s not to say they aren’t extremely passionate and would hold a good conversation about the hobby, though!

That being said, to get started is simple:

1. Pick a system

The two systems listed aren’t the only ones offered by Games Workshop! The first step if you want to play the game is to find out what you would be interested to play! If the war game isn’t something you’d be interest in, then you simply have to pick whether you’d prefer the fantasy look or the sci-fi look of things!

2. What looks cool

Seriously! Unless you’re planning to go hyper-competitive, there’s really no reason to pick any army that you don’t actually enjoy looking at. Remember, you’ve got to not only build them, but likely paint them too. Picking something you don’t like would lead to a backlog of shame or worse, hobby burnout!

3. Essential tools

You would need some hobby nippers and hobby blades to clean up the models if you don’t have them already. Apart from these I’d recommend picking up:

  1. a primer
  2. some paints (base colours, a shade and some lighter colours for highlights)
  3. A size 1 or 2 brush, optional: size 0 or 00 for detailing

That’s all you need to get started in Warhammer in Brunei!

I don’t usually recommend buying tonnes of stuff when starting out. I know the pros in tutorials are using them, but the basics is really enough to get started. You also want to see if you really enjoy the hobby too before really digging in!

I hope this is useful for you to get started; of course you can always come to our shop and we will be more than happy to welcome you to the hobby!


~ G.E.